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With over 48 years of experience in planning and executing exploration programs worldwide, we offer a myriad of services from
geophysical surveys to total project management tailored to both your target and exploration budgets.   

Services include:
   - Geophysical surveys, IP, magnetics, gravity
   - Modelling and Inversions
   - Compilation, data visualization and analysis
   - Camp and logistical planning

Our client list includes a wide range of companies from major mining companies and mid-tier producers to smaller junior companies and

Good data begins from the ground up. Peter E. Walcott & Associates uses industry standard equipment and software in order to achieve
the best possible exploration results. Our Quality assurance and control is handled in the field with data transmitted nightly to head
office when possible. Processing is completed using state of the art software including Geosoft Oasis Montaj an industry leading
geophysical data processing software. Inversions are also done using either Loke and UBC GIF codes to ensure the best fit for the your
target model.

Peter E. Walcott & Associates Limited
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Peter E. Walcott & Associates Limited
Peter E. Walcott & Associates Limited
111-17 Fawcett Road, Coquitlam, BC,
V3K 6V2