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We are able to provide and/or manage numerous ground and airborne surveys to suit your project needs.
  - What is your intended target?
   - Is it shallow or deep?
   - What are the typical physical properties of the rocks in your target area?

We can assist you in the selection of the appropriate survey(s) to better locate and define your target.

Electrical surveys: Induced Polarization and Resisitivity surveys.Flexible arrays and dipole sizes
Magnetic surveys: Ground or Airborne. Drone or Helicopter. Walking Mag or "Stop & Go". Cesium or Proton. 
Gravity surveys: Ground surveys with GPS and Total Station control.
Electromagnetic surveys: Time or frequency domain, ground or airborne.

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Ground and Airborne Geophysical Surveys
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Peter E. Walcott & Associates Limited
111-17 Fawcett Road, Coquitlam, BC,
V3K 6V2